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Environmental Policy

June 2010

Brightsparks 4Kids understand the sustainability principles of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.  As a result we are committed to re-cycling and reducing as much of our waste as possible. All recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, packaging materials, printer inks & toners etc. will be re-used where appropriate or disposed of properly.

In order for us to do this effectively and reduce the amount of waste we produce we also aim to re-cycle any appropriate packaging material we receive and re-use with the packaging of our products thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Disposal of electrical & electronic equipment

Do not dispose of these product/products in household waste. For the proper treatment, recovery and recycling please take these product/products to the appropriate collection point.
If you are unsure of where this is please contact your local authority. Improper disposal may be harmful to the environment.


You also may return your used or unwanted Brightsparks 4kids products directly back to us, were we will either dispose of properly or re-use as we see fit. Please contact us first for details at re-cycle@brightsparks4kids.com before returning any goods.

Please note the Customer shall be responsible for packaging and shipping of any used or unwanted product

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