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Advanced Electricity Kit (AEK01)

Advance Electricity Kit AEK01

Advanced Electricity Kit AEK 01
Top Tray includes:
1 X Auto ranging Digital Multimeter
2 x Solar Cells (STK028)
1 x Magnetic Switch module
1 x Diode module
1 x Flashing L.E.D module
1 x Light Dependent Resistor module
10 X Stackable Connecting leads
2 x Test probe leads
2 x Crocodile adaptors
Resources CD-ROM

Advanced Electricity Kit AEK01 Base Tray includes:

4 x Battery modules
2 x Bulb modules
1 x Toggle Switch module
1 x Push Switch modules
1 x Buzzer modules
1 x Motor module
1 x Two Way Switch module
1 x Variable Resistor module





Key activities & features:

  • Understand and build your own simple circuits!
  • Convert light energy into electrical energy then use with real world components
  • Learn how to analyze, measure and understand actual readings of a multimeter (Voltage, Resistance & Current)
  • Large quantity kit contains 18 advanced component modules.
  • Resources CD contains an in-depth User Manual, printable example circuits, circuit symbols & fault finding worksheets plus more.... .
  • Designed specifically for Science and Design Technology.
  • Safety is paramount. All components are strong and securely fixed.
  • Each module clearly displays electrical symbols and the name of each component.
  • Simply 'Plug & Play'. All connections between each module are made by easy to use 4mm plug and socket  leads, ideal for small hands.
  • Kit complete with CD-ROM, connecting leads, storage tray & lid for easy classroom management.
  • What materials conduct electricity the best?
  • How do I change the brightness of a bulb?
  • How do I change the speed of a motor?
  • How do I alter the noise of a buzzer?
  • Series & Parallel circuits made easy with stackable connecting leads.
  • Additional Units available (sold separately)

DMM_Autoranging1 x Easy to use Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter

'Measure Voltage, Current, Resistance & Conductivity'
This tough autoranging multimeter features a rubber surround to protect from classroom knocks & bumps together with a wide range of measurement capabilities. It is ergonomically designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand and features a 3-1/2 digital display, measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, ohms and diode check.


Solar_Cell_ST028_web2 x Solar Cells
Explore the world of Solar energy with the Solar Cell module. Each module has a specification of 0.3w
(3.0 Volts @ 100mA) and can easily power up motors, L.E.Ds, and buzzers etc.

'Combine cells in series or parallel to produce more power'


battery_web4 x Battery modules
This module safely supplies power to the other modules. For safety it is short circuit protected. Battery modules can be linked together to combine voltages. Each module supplies 1.5 Volts and requires one Standard C- type battery.


electricity_kit_bulb2 x Bulb modules
The filament light/lamp converts electrical energy into light. It contains a very thin coil of wire called a filament. This unit uses a standard low voltage miniature MES bulb.

electricity_kit_buzzer1 x Buzzer module
The Buzzer module converts electrical energy into sound. It emits an audible tone when connected into a circuit. It is polarity sensitive and must be connected with the correct polarity (+/-) in order to operate. Changing the level of input Voltage produces different sound level

electricity_kit_motor1 x Motor module
The Motor module converts electrical energy into motion. Its propeller rotates at a safe speed. The direction and speed of the rotation depends upon its Voltage & polarity to the Battery module. This module can be connected directly to the battery or operated with any switching module in this kit.

electricity_kit_switch1 x Switch modules
The Switch module enables you to ‘Open or Close’ a circuit. This type of switch is commonly used as a household light switch. It has a sturdy ‘On’ or ‘Off’ toggle action with the down position as it’s ‘On’ or closed state and the ‘UP’ position as it’s open state.

electricity_kit_push_switch1 x Push Switch modules
The Push Switch module enables you to momentarily ‘Open or Close’ a circuit with the push of a button. When pressed the Push Switch module ‘Closes’ the circuit and when not pressed ‘Opens’ the circuit. This type of switch is commonly used in household doorbells, car horns and game controllers.

electricity_kit_magnetic_switch1 x Magnetic Switch module
The Magnetic Switch Module is also known as a Reed Switch. This has a pair of contacts which operate when a magnet is passed over them. The contacts close as the magnet is present and open once the magnet is moved away. This type of switch can be found in many security alarm systems as it needs no physical contact to operate. The Magnetic Switch Module can be used in various circuit applications. A suitable magnet is supplied with this kit.

electricity_kit_2_pole_switch1 x Two Way Switch module
The Two Pole Switch Module, also known as a changeover switch, is a special type of two way switch. Depending on it’s up or down position it allows current to pass either one way or the other. It is commonly used in household wiring where one switch can control two separate parts of a lighting circuit.

electricity_kit_variable_resisitor 1 x Variable Resistor module
The Variable Resistor Module also called a Potentiometer allows varying levels of electric current to flow through it depending on the position of the control knob. This module can be used as either a speed control for the Motor Module or as a dimmer switch for the Bulb Module. For best results use at least two Battery Cells (3 Volts).

electricity_kit_ldr1 x Light Depentant Resistor module (LDR)
The Light Dependant Resistor Module changes its resistance according to the amount of light that falls on its window. The more light the device receives the less resistive the device becomes allowing more current to flow through it. Uses are commonly found in automatic street lighting, intelligent car headlights and modern cameras.

electricity_kit_flashing_led1 x Flashing L.E.D module
The Flashing L.E.D Module produces a red flashing light and can be used as a visual indicator to add to your circuit. It is polarity sensitive and must be connected the correct way around in the circuit to operate. This module has an internal resistor for protection and requires a minimum of two battery modules to operate.

electricity_kit_diode1 x Diode module
The Diode module (or diode switch) can be used in advanced circuit design, as it only allows current to flow in only one direction. Example uses are blocking diode for the solar cells to stop accidental discharge in dark or cloudy weather or as a protection component against reversed polarity in a circuit.

crocs2 Crocodile adaptor clips

IIncluded in the kit are 2 sturdy crocodile adaptor clips. These 'crocs' are perfect for use with 'Conductors & Insulators' experiments where materials can easily be held in place and tested. Each adaptor simply clips onto the end of the connecting lead.

Connecting leads x 10



Supplied in each kit are easy to use flexible connecting leads. They are easy to use for all ages and simply plug into each module. Leads can be stacked to create more advanced circuits. .

'No more fiddly wires to struggle with, simply Plug & Play'

Additional modules:

To accompany the 'Beginners Electricity Kit' we also have a range of additional extra modules available. Each module is sold separately and is a fantastic way to design your own 'Electricity Extensions Kit'
Modules available:

Beginners Electricity Kit Red LED module

Product  Code ST012    


Beginners Electricity Kit Amber LED module

Product  Code ST013


Beginners Electricity Kit Green LED module

Product  Code ST014


 Beginners Electricity Kit Flashing LED module

Product  Code ST010


Beginners Electricity Kit White LED module

Product  Code ST011

Beginners Electricity Kit Rainbow LED module

Product  Code ST015

 Beginners Electricity Kit Magnetic Switch module

Product  Code ST009

Beginners Electricity Kit Variable Resistor module

Product  Code ST007

Beginners Electricity Kit Two Pole Switch module

Product  Code ST023

 Beginners Electricity Kit Thermistor module
Product  Code ST021

Beginners Electricity Kit Light Dependant Resistor module
Product  Code ST008 

Beginners Electricity Kit Diode module
Product  Code ST022

 Beginners Electricity Kit Extra component holder module

Product  Code ST020 

Beginners Electricity Kit Mini Solar Cell module

Product  Code ST024  

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